SAUTRA- MAKING HERITAGE YOUR ENSEMBLE, the brand is all about the distinctiveness that lies in the adaptation of traditional aesthetics into today’s Modern Women. The brand is inspired by the Crafts of India that are dying or remain unknown. SAUTRA aims towards making this Craft/ Heritage your Ensemble. The Brand is the amalgamation of a timeless love for Saris and pure and rare craftsmanship. SAUTRA is an online store presenting the finest and the rarest work of art from the Indian Craftsman’s keeping alive our rich heritage and culture. SAUTRA aims to promote Make In India and be the platform for showcasing our craftsmen, opening a world of unending opportunities for them, while simultaneously ensuring a better life and lifestyle to their families. As our new journey at SAUTRA commences we would like to reiterate to our fellow patrons, invaluable customers and our weavers, that our tradition, heritage and culture are in safe hands, rather the best of hands .We make a commitment hereon, that we take upon ourselves to ensure our heritage will move upwards to grow, flourish and thrive even more.

Our uniqueness lies in our collection, all our collection has a distinct feature focusing on endurance and quality rather than flash-in-the-pan trends. SAUTRA is for Modern Indian Women.


Sarees that radiate the happy, bold, and feminine vibe. You don’t really need an occasion to drape yourself in these soft and flowy six yard beauties. You wear them because you simply feel like it, or because you love them. Explore our collection of finest Mulmuls, Khadi Cottons, and Hand-spun Linens. They are as comfortable as sarees can get.


A hand-spun and hand woven saree is a prized possession any day. It is has a character and is unique, just like you. It celebrates who you truly are. This collection of exquisite handcrafted sarees lets you discover fusion like never before. A marriage of India’s rich textile heritage, local craftsmanship, and contemporary aesthetics with one another. A union that brings out traditional with a twist, which fits seamlessly into the modern woman’s wardrobe. Complemented by the ease and comfort of natural fabrics. Matka Silks, Kantha Silks, Block Prints, and many more - made with love at Sautra.


 There’s more to a saree than what meets the eye. Beyond the aesthetics and comfort, these drapes tell a tale – of their birth, their existence, and their evolution over changing times. They bring to life dying arts and forgotten traditions. The Collective is a celebration of this beauty of the Indian textiles, drawn from the inspiration to revive near extinct legacies. Rich Tussars and Mugas handmade by local artisans and craft communities across the country. 

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